Peter Scherer

Composer / Arranger


Feature, CH, 2020, Christian Johannes Koch

Marina is having a secret affair with Artem, the father of one of her students, Ulyana. Although both Artem and his daughter have lived in Switzerland for years, neither has a residence permit. When Ulyana is caught stealing it exposes their game of deception and threatens the existences of everyone involved.

Paul Nizon - Der Nagel im Kopf

Documentary CH, 2020, Christoph Kühn

The film tells of the radical life-search by the Swiss writer Paul Nizon and grants insights into his life and work in a self-ironic, direct manner. The intimate portrait of a great literary outsider emerges, for whom the risk of life and the risk of writing merge into one and the same work of art.

#Female Pleasure

Documentary CH/D 2018, Barbara Miller

A plea for the liberation of female sexuality in the 21st century. The film questions millennial patriarchal structures, as well as todays omnipresent porn culture. It accompanies five extraordinary women around the globe revealing universal contexts.


Documentary, CH/D 2018, Markus Imhoof

Drawing inspiration from his personal encounter with the Italian refugee child Giovanna during World War II, Markus Imhoof tells how refugees and migrants are treated today: on the Mediterranean Sea, in Italy and in Switzerland.

Cahier Africain

Documentary, CH, 2016, Heidi Specogna

A book filled with with courageous testimonies by 300 Central African women, girls and men. They reveal what was done to them by Congolese mercenary soldiers in the course of military disputes in October 2002. Nomination Swiss Film Award 2017 for best music.

Dora oder Die sexuellen Neurosen unserer Eltern

Feature, CH, 2015, Stina Werenfels

After her mother decides to stop all medication, 18 year old mentally disabled Dora awakes to a world of wonder and desire. Yet Dora’s sudden and risky craving for life begins to turn her family upside down. Nomination Swiss Film Award 2015 for best music.

Dark Star - HR Gigers Welt

Documentary, CH 2014, Belinda Sallin

A film about the acclaimed painter, sculptor, architect and designer. Featuring Michael Flury, trombone; Iokoi, voice; Xenia Schindler, harp; Fredy Studer, percussion; Skuli Sverrisson, bass; Don Li, clarinets; Björn Meyer, bass; Kyoko Katsunuma, voice; Rico Baumann, drums; Pascal Schärli, percussion; Jean-Pierre von Dach, guitar;


Short, CH 2014, Sami Khadraoui

Two young men spend a few days in a chalet, when they discover a dark presence is haunting the place.

More Than Honey

Documentary, CH/D/A 2012, Markus Imhoof

Searching for answers for the global bee decline director Markus Imhoof takes us on a trip around the world to meet people living with and off honeybees: Almond growers in California, a Swiss mountain beekeeper, a German neuroscientist investigating bee brains, a pollen dealer in China, and bee researchers in Australia. Winner of Swiss Film Award 2013 for best film music.


Feature, CH/D 2012, Christoph Schaub

A mad hunt through the night marked by screams, silence, high speeds, sharp braking and many changes of direction. Based on an original screenplay by Martin Suter.

Si près si loin

Documentary, Switzerland 2012, Michel Favre

Carmen Perrin, an established artist working in Geneva, travels to Bolivia to learn more about her father. She returns to the island where he lived to show the local people the films he made at that time. A partner in this project, Michel Favre follows her closely, underlining the ethnographic scope of her father's work and the emotional importance of her journey.

Pink Ribbons Inc

Documentary, Canada 2011, Lea Pool

Breast cancer has become the poster child of corporate cause-related marketing campaigns. Pink Ribbons, Inc. is a feature documentary that shows how the devastating reality of breast cancer, which marketing experts have labeled a "dream cause," becomes obfuscated by a shiny, pink story of success.

The GuantanamoTrap

Documentary, Germany 2011, Thomas Wallner

This film follows four lives forever changed by the infamous U.S. detention camp, and witnesses the scars that remain as democratic values fade. Torture in its many insidious forms is described by perpetrators, whistleblowers, victims and their defenders.

Daniel Schmid - Le chat qui pense

Documentary, CH 2010, Pascal Hofmann & Benny Jaberg

This film brings us into the imaginary worlds of the exceptional Swiss filmmaker Daniel Schmid,1941-2006, a storyteller with strong bonds to the world of opera and theatre (he made several films on Japanese theater, opera singers, as well as Douglas Sirk). The film captures the fleeting magic of his life between the Swiss alps, Paris, Berlin and Tokyo.


Documentary, Germany 2009, Marcus Vetter

The multi-award winning film makers Karin Steinberger and Marcus Vetter consistently search for approaches as to how the developing countries can free themselves from the stranglehold of the first, the wealthy world.

Salt In The Scars

Documentary short, CH 2009, Fiorella Castanotto

In the state of Tamil Nadu, picking salt is the main mean of support for the local population, as well as the cause of a state of exploitation that has been going on for decades.

No Man's Land

Documentary, Canada 2009, Doina Harap

This Documentary essay invites the viewer to meditate on the arbitrary nature of borders by accompanying multimedia artist Peter Krausz through his creative process at work on a series of paintings that explore the theme of boundaries.

Hush Hour

Video installation, 2008, Andrea Loux

2-Channel video installation on parallel screens with 4-channel audio 'Hush Hour' references Ingmar Bergman's film 'The Silence' and thematizes the state of simultaneous inner excitement and exterior speechlessness. The problematic relationship of the two sisters takes place on two screens with the role of the boy delegated to the audience, which is forced to literally move and decide between the two optical fronts


Feature, CH/D 2006, Markus Fischer

An unknown woman is rescued from Lake Marmorera and soon becomes a puzzling figure of much concern for Zurich’s psychiatrists. One of them, Simon Cavegn, himself originally from Marmorera, treats the young woman and slowly starts to discover the dark secret of a flooded village.

Point de fuite

Dance film, Canada 2005, Oana Suteu

With O Vertigo dance company, Montreal A portrait of two days in the life of an architect at a crucial moment, between a romantic rupture and an architectural creation.

Lower East Side Stories

Short feature, USA 2004, Liselle Mei

The characters’ individual struggles for validation and self-fulfillment are presented against the unique social and cultural backdrop of the Lower East Side.

Another Road Home

Documentary, USA 2004, Danae Elon

An encounter brings out the delicate boundaries of politics, class and family relationships. a painful, contradictory, gentle and loving story takes place against the backdrop of a distant and brutal conflict.

One Bullet Left

Dance film, Switzerland 2004, Markus Fischer

A surreal, noir dance film, a gangster thriller and a love story in which there are old scores to be settled ... Winner of the Rose d'Or award 2004 for best music.


Feature, Switzerland 2003, Kamal Musale

Aline, a solitary and introverted young woman in the alps falls passionately in love with a tourist. Unable to accept his rejection she increasingly loses her grip on reality. She devours him...

Tatort - Schattenlos

TV Feature, Germany 2003, Thomas Stiller

La maladie de la mort

Feature, USA, 2002, Asa Mader

Based on the Marguerite Duras novel

Epoca - The Making Of History

Documentary, Switzerland 2001, Andreas Hoessli and Isabella Huser

The journey through time touches upon the genesis of the atomic bomb, military trials at the end of the war, the functional workings of the lie detector, the discovery of the Majdanek death camp. Einstein speaks, as does the embalmer of Lenin, a KGB agent, and the presumed US spy who made a new life in the Soviet Union. A report based on a dialogue with F., a soldier in the war in ex-Yugoslavia.

Voodoo - Mounted By The Gods

Documentary, Germany 2001, Alberto Venzago; produced by Wim Wenders

A rare view on Voodoo from Benin, the search and initiation of a boy as the new head of a monastery. "Venzago and his musicians have ventured into bold new musical realms. Based on real recordings of dances and ceremonies they have created new contemporary music built up from samples and loops which contain all the flair and whirl of the original music." Wim Wenders

Sobras em Obras

Documentary, Brazil 1999, Michel Favre

A brilliant document about Geraldo de Barros (1923-1998), pioneer of Brazilian experimental photography, one of the most significant artists of the Constructivist Movement. His creative process is approached in this film in a stimulative dialogue between past and present, between the trajectory of a man and that of his country

Heinrich Heine - A Birthday Video

Documentary/Feature USA-Germany 1997, Robert Longo

American painter / film maker Robert Longo's experimental film, on the occasion of Heine's 200th birthday, creates a highly romantic "phantasmagorie" around the origin and publication of the acidic satire Deutschland, ein Wintermärchen. With Barbara Sukowa and Cindy Sherman.

Never Again, Forever

Documentary, Israel 1996, Danae Elon and Pierre Chainet

This powerful film about the Jewish Defense League traces the militant group's history from the streets of Brooklyn where it originated to the occupied territories where it flourishes today, painting a disturbing portrait of a cycle of hate born in the ashes of the Holocaust.