Peter Scherer

Composer / Arranger

More Than Honey

Milan Records

Soundtrack to the acclaimed film by Markus Imhoof. Winner of Swiss Film Award 2013 for best film music. Featuring Paul Giger (violin)

That Land

Tonus Music

Don Li : clarinet; Peter Scherer : piano, electronics


Soundtrack for 'Marmorera', feature film by Markus Fischer Orchestral score with electronics, featuring Don Li, Skuli Sverrisson and the Swiss Youth Symphony Orchestra


Peter Scherer : piano, electronics, guitar With : Amedeo Pace : electric guitar; Ben Wittman : drums



With : Zeena Parkins : electric harp; Nana Vasconcelos : percussion; Cyro Baptista : percussion; Frank Menusan : sitar; Peter Scherer : sampler, guitar, electronics

Very Neon Pet


Fernando Saunders : bass; Amedeo Pace : electric guitar; Jun Miyake : flugelhorn; Zeena Parkins : electric harp; Melvin Gibbs : bass; Arto Lindsay : electric guitar; Laurie Anderson : violin; Nana Vasconcelos : percussion; Mark Feldman : violin; Frank Genius : electronics; Sussan Deyhim : vocals; Dougie Bowne : drums; Sebastian Steinberg : bass; Josh Selman : personal fx; Cyro Baptista : percussion; Christian Lechevretel : trumpet; Peter Scherer : keyboards, sampler. guitar, bass, electronics

Pretty Ugly

Made to Measure

Pretty Ugly consists of a score to a ballet by choreographer Amanda Miller commissioned by William Forsythe for the Frankfurt Ballet, and a score to "Mörder, Hoffnung der Frauen", a theatre play by Oskar Kokoschka. With : Arto Lindsay : guitar, voice; Peter Scherer : sampler, keyboards; Nana Vasconcelos : percussion; Jill Jaffee ; violin; Cyro Baptista ; percussion